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Thank you! Merci!  2018 Faces of Ottawa Awards

Thank you! Merci! 2018 Faces of Ottawa Awards

Emilie is a fantastic dance instructor. She has an incredible talent for making everybody feel comfortable regardless of their insecurities. She has insane amounts of skill in many dance styles, and her bubbly personality and positive attitude are contagious. I strongly recommend Dance with Emilie. You’re in for a treat! ~ Lyzanne

Emilie is amazing and her classes are a total blast! She really takes the time to help you learn while making sure it’s still a fun and comfortable place to continue to improve. I’ve been a student for over a year and I look forward to going every single week! So good for the soul! Highly recommended, no question about it! ~ Cindy

On top of being an amazing instructor and dancer, Emilie also has a personality that shines! I love that her classes are challenging and allow me to grow and learn while laughing and having a ton of fun! She has so much to offer and her positive vibes and energy are contagious. She really makes it a priority to create an ambience where everyone feels comfortable and confident as they learn new styles of dance. She's the perfect teacher for any level and there's no way her passion will go unnoticed. Thank you for bringing the joy of dance back in my life Emilie! ~ Lianne

I started dancing with Emilie last summer at Azucar, and from the minute I walked in, I was hooked! I began with Dancehall, and soon enough, her contagious energy drew me into trying Salsaton. I'm so grateful for her, for encouraging me to try new things and making the whole experience fun and rewarding! Emilie provides lots of options for everyone to feel comfortable, but she'll also challenge you to consistently improve as a dancer and explore new options. She'll encourage you to find your own style, while improving your technique and helping you gain confidence. After a year with her, I am now moving and shaking in ways I never thought I could! Most importantly, her classes are a place of support, sharing, and FUN. Emilie sets the stage for us all to create an amazing vibe that brings us together, while listening to great tunes and having a blast! ~ Stefani

Emilie's boundless energy and positivity are inspiring. I wanted to try dance because I'd always felt clumsy and uncoordinated. At my first class, I was very anxious. Within weeks, I found myself looking forward to each class. Thanks to Emilie's patient and positive teaching style, my self-confidence improved. I'm happier, more focused and productive at work, and more comfortable in my own skin. I'm extremely grateful to Emilie and the wonderful dance community that she's created. Dancing with Emilie changed my life, and I'll keep dancing as long as I can! ~ Kamila

The baby wearing dance class is such a fun, lighthearted way to get a good sweat on with other parents and babies. I look forward to it every week! Emilie is so playful and encouraging, I can’t say enough good things. ~ Izzy

Amazing teacher and brilliant in so many styles. Her passion for dance, welcoming energy, and knowledge, really make her stand out. Emilie’s classes are so fun and they are a great fit for anyone, regardless if you have dance experience or not. I highly recommend trying out her classes and workshops. I look forward to it each and every week ~ Jasmina

I love Emilie's classes! I have so much fun and learn so many new dance techniques with Emilie! She knows how to keep it challenging and give you a workout. And I love the music too! ~ Angelique

BElieve in YOUrself
— Dance with Emilie Phaneuf